Veritable OVNI arrivé sur la Côte il y a 3 ans,

Flim maîtrise avec le même sourire l'art de la musique électronique et de la cuisine thaï !

Hi Flim can you tell me about your history, why did you finally arrived in southern France ?

I come from Thailand and moved to Canada and then I have met a lovely french girl then now I am in France, basiccally i follow pussy and now i end up here.  very good :-) Love this country


What do you think about the french riviera's vibes ?

This place have many good opportunities for many things.
A lot of money to be make if you run your own business and provide the great service for people that live here and the tourists. Good place to relax and very beautiful. About the music vibe it is great but people are doing the same things like everyone play deep music same BPM. Not so much of the underground scene.


As a techno dj, what's your best memories ?

Play in New york at Exit night club opening for Joey Beltram that was fun and intense also I played for 5 hours in the Teknival in canada start from 5 am at a renegade stage when there is no one in front of me then i look up at 7 am i have about 300 people dancing in front of me that was amazing.

I have EPs coming out every
2-3 month
on my own label "Maetta"

What are your influences ? Can you give me 5 tracks unmissable for you ?

I love LCD sound system, Chemical brothers, Vitalic, these bands are my favourite band

5 best track of all time for me

1. one night in Hackney - Chris Liberator and Dave The Drummer

2. Bass Rage  -  Benny Knox ( who is my good friend dj and producer from canada , This track is sick and good thing no one know about it )

3. Sunshine reggae - Laid back

4. Protection - Massive Attack

5. Domino - Oxia


You're also producer, can you tell me about that ?

Yes I am also making my own music and run my label called "Maetta". Have worked with french techno pioneer "Scan X"  he remix my original "Belladonna"  and he mixed and mastering some of my track. I am very proud because he also mix the production for Laurent garnier. I have EPs coming out every 2-3 months on my own label. You can find my production here : pro.beatport.com/artist/flim/33996

I am releasing my album also the end of the year


Next time i would like to invite you to cook for us because you're also a thaï food specialty cooker, can you tell me more ?

 Yes I would love to come cook for you guys.  I am running a private chef service and catering mostly for Yacht and Villas, (just cook for Eric Zemmour this past sunday). Cooking real Thai foods something difference because everyone doing the same thing here for asian foods so I would like to give a taste of Thailand to the region more info about my food business you can go to  :  www.flimsthaikitchen.com